Father, twins hailed as heroes


By ANGELA M. CASTELUCCI / Staff writer

The sun was just touching the water Sunday evening when Kevin Lambert’s twin boys yelled, “Dad, somebody’s spear fishing!”

Having just snapped a few photos of the Gulf sunset, Lambert was working on his phone to post the pictures to his social media page. He stopped and scanned the empty horizon before assuring his boys they must be mistaken: “There’s not a boat for a hundred miles.”

“No, Dad, there he is—look!”

Lambert turned his head and caught a brief glimpse of a hand waving frantically just above the water and heard someone yell, “Help.”

PHOTO: Kevin ‘Kabo’ Lambert calls his eight-year-old twins “true water dogs, we are always out fishing.” The pair, Connar and Coltin, start third grade in less than two weeks. During Sunday’s harrowing rescue of a drowning man, the boys “kept their head and just did what they needed to do,” dad Kevin said. “I think they’ve made a friend for life,” he added, referring to Keaton Beach the man they pulled from the Gulf shortly after sunset.

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