‘The Last Jedi’ is a bold, but flawed addition to the saga


While I wasn’t a huge fan of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” from a production and acting standpoint, it was a great improvement over the prequels. The movie, however, suffered from a number of story problems, including plot conveniences, numerous similarities to the original “Star Wars” and countless loose threads. I’m not going to go into specifics here — this review is about “The Last Jedi” — but I wanted to point that out because I went into this latest film more hesitant than others who really enjoyed “The Force Awakens.”

I did give “The Last Jedi” the benefit of the doubt, and once again I found it to be very well produced, with some stunning visuals combined with several bold story choices made by Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed the movie, taking over from J.J. Abrams and his screenwriting team. But, like “The Force Awakens,” I was left with some serious issues with the script.


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