Scallop season to open two days early


Scallop season is opening Saturday, June 29, two days earlier than usual, after two Taylor County businessmen contacted the governor’s office to see if Floridians could get one extra weekend of scalloping.

The annual recreational scallop season typically opens on July 1 and runs through Sept. 24.

Don Everett Jr. said he and his father were discussing the opening of scallop season earlier this week and wondered why it couldn’t open a few days earlier on Saturday (instead of Monday) to help increase tourism dollars in Taylor and other North Florida counties.

“So we called someone that we knew in the governor’s office on Monday and by Wednesday morning the governor had signed an executive order that adds another weekend to the scallop season,” he said.

“I asked FWC to open the recreational scallop season early,” Governor Rick Scott said Wednesday.

“This is an opportunity for Florida families and our visitors to enjoy our state’s natural beauty, while catching the best scallops in the world. By moving the recreational date up, we’ll provide families and visitors with an extra weekend to enjoy the scallop season, which will benefit jobs and families along the coast.”

“Harvesting bay scallops is a family-friendly activity that boosts the local economy in areas where harvest is open,” said Ken Wright, chairman of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

“Opening the bay scallop season two days early, on a weekend rather than a weekday, and on the weekend before the Fourth of July, will positively impact the communities and businesses that depend on bay scalloping while providing additional recreational opportunities for Florida’s residents and visitors.”

Scallop season is expected to draw thousands of tourists to the Taylor County coastline over the next 12 weeks.

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