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Perry Primary School kindergartner Rose Mingus welcomed a very special guest Thursday afternoon when her father, Cpl. George Mingus, arrived in her classroom to sign her out for school for the day.

Teacher Melanie Morgan announced to the class they had a special guest just before Cpl. Mingus entered the room. When Rose saw who it was, she shouted, “Daddy!” and then jumped into his arms for their first hug in almost 11 months.

Cpl. Mingus, who has been serving in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army Reserves since last July, surprised all three of his children, who had not known he was returning home. Rose’s visit was the second for the day, as George has already greeted son John at Taylor County Pre-K. His next stop was Taylor County Elementary School to greet his fifth-grade daughter, Ladona.

Cpl. Mingus’ tour was his third, having already completed two tours in Iraq.

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