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Because We Are Americans


By ANGELA M. CASTELUCCI / Staff writer

Retired Naval Capt. Morris Steen read the names of Taylor County’s war dead with a voice and bearing that gave testament to every year of his command and military service.

With the last name still ringing in the air, he turned to face the black granite monument where the names are carved in stone and executed a salute.

“This is your day,” he said.

It was.

PHOTO: Addressing the crowd, (Ret.) Col. Gene Carter said, “Today we remember the names on these walls, those who gave their lives to protect our way of life, and we are forever indebted to their families that we might be free.”


PHOTO: Red, white and blue were the colors of the day for those gathered at Veterans Memorial Park Monday morning. In addition to honoring Taylor County’s soldiers who were killed in action, attention was also given to all the soldiers who are still listed as “Missing in Action.” The event was attended by more than 100 guests and coordinated by local veterans organizations.

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