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Archaeologist takes Kiwanis Club on 40,000-year Aucilla expedition


The Aucilla River contains not only evidence of early man, but some of the best preserved plant and animal remains in the world–some dating back nearly 40,000 years, Archaeologist Dr. James S. Dunbar told members of the Perry Kiwanis Club on Wednesday.

Dunbar, who along with other scientists and volunteers, has been working in the depths of the Aucilla since 1983, said various sink holes in the river contain sediment that has been virtually undisturded over the millenia allowing for the extraction of plant, animal and man-made materials with precise dates as to when they were deposited.

PHOTO: Dr. Jim Dunbar (far right) is shown with the 12,200 year-old mastadon tusk shortly after it was pulled out of the Aucilla River in 1993. Also shown are project participants (left to right) Dr. Dave Webb, Joe Latvis and Brinnen Carter.

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