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Rivers over their banks as rains continue


Local rivers are rising again after another rainfilled weekend, causing flooding in some areas along the Steinhatchee and Econfina rivers.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued flood warnings for the Steinhatchee and Econfina rivers in Taylor County as well as for the Aucilla River at Lamont, and local officials are continuing to monitor the situation.

PHOTOS: According to Taylor County Emergency Management officials, there are currently no structures threatened by the rising Steinhatchee River, but River Road in Steinhatchee is flooded (above) with the water under several raised homes. Steinhatchee Falls (below) cannot be reached due to flooding in that area as well. Officials are monitoring the Steinhatchee, Econfina and Aucilla rivers as they are expected to continue to rise slowly unless there is a break in the rain.


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