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‘Please don’t shoot me no more’


By ANGELA M. CASTELUCCI / Staff writer

Bleeding from a shotgun wound to his shoulder and struggling to breathe through a collapsed lung, David Spees said he could only watch as his older brother, Lee Spees Jr., lay on his back and begged Paul McNutt to spare his life.

“Please don’t shoot me no more, Paul. I’m done. I’m down.”

Such extreme emotional eyewitness testimony set the stage Tuesday, Sept. 24, for the week-long double-murder trial of 70-year-old Paul McNutt, who contends he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed Lee Spees Sr. and his son, Lee Jr., in the waning daylight hours of Dec. 5, 2011.

PHOTO: Some 175 jury summons were issued for the McNutt trial and selection began early Monday morning. Above, defendant Paul McNutt, right, listens as Judge Greg Parker (not shown) explains the selection process to prospective jurors. Members of his family and those of the victims’ took seats on opposite sides of the aisle.

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