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Review: Stallone, Schwarzenegger are not only reasons to see ‘Escape Plan’

2013-10-25-Escape-Plan-movie-posterNot all films set out to win prestigious awards, and “Escape Plan” is surprisingly a solid action movie that is both fun and exciting.

Obviously, the biggest selling point of this movie was the long-awaited partnering of Stallone and  Schwarzenegger in the same movie. Unfortunately, the two actors have already partnered together in “The Expendables” films, taking away much of the novelty here.

Fortunately for “Escape Plan,” and its audience, the movie doesn’t rely on the casting coup alone to make a good movie. Stallone and Schwarzenegger’s recent efforts have had a level of campy humor to them, whether intentionally as in “Espendables 2” or unintentionally as in “The Last Stand.”

“Escape Plan,” however, takes itself seriously enough to deliver an interesting story, a deeper-than-expected cast and thrilling action sequences.

The movie is rated R for violence and language throughout.

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