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Early morning blaze damages Gilman’s


A massive fire lit the skies over the sprawling Gilman Building Products plant located off U.S. 19 North in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Nov. 13, with the blaze reportedly causing massive damage to the lumber company’s planer mill.

A spokesman with the State Fire Marshal’s Office said late Thursday that the “cause of the fire remains undetermined, but nothing of a suspicious nature was found. It is believed the fire originated in the planer room. Additional details are not available for release at this time because the fire remains under investigation.”

Photo: A police patrol vehicle caught fire at the Gilman scene. While the cause of the vehicle fire is under investigation, it is believed falling embers were the reason for the blaze. The State Fire Marshal’s office is investigating the larger fire at the lumber mill, which was first reported at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.

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