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See the world through clothes in ‘Love, Loss & What I Wore’


Theatre Tallahassee presents the latest entry in its Coffeehouse Series, “Love, Loss & What I Wore,” opening tonight (Friday) and continuing through Nov. 24.

Based on the novel by Ilene Beckerman, “Love, Loss, & What I Wore” is about purses and friendship, shoes and tragedy, jewelry and love, robes and loss. Clothing becomes a way to explore memory in this series of monologues and vignettes that explore what it means to be a woman.

PHOTO: Theatre Tallahassee’s production of “Love, Loss, & What I Wore,” opens tonight (Friday). Shown above is the six-member cast featuring: (standing) Ashleigh Stowe, Rachael Adams and Beth Blair, (seated) Sarah Doar and Debbie Frost, and (on floor) Michelle Nickens.

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