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‘Humble physician’ remembered for a rich legacy of patient care


Elegant hors d’oeuvres, community leaders and medical professionals mingling together…it was a scene that the guest of honor would have likely avoided by slipping away when the first opportunity presented itself.
“My father would have been humbled by this recognition. He would not know what to say except ‘thank you’ for the honor and ‘I just did what I was supposed to do.’ He would probably have gone to another room or been embarrassed,” Dr. Amar Mutnal said of his father, the late Dr. Bas Mutnal who was honored by his Doctors’ Memorial Hospital (DMH) family in a ceremony held Friday evening, Nov. 15.

Photo:  Dr. Bas Mutnal and his wife were recruited by Doctors’ Memorial Hospital in August of 2007 to fill a need for a primary care physician as well as an MD anesthesiologist. Dr. Mutnal died unexpectedly on June 30 of this year. On Friday, Nov. 15, his wife, Dr. Lalitha Mutnal and son, Dr. Amar Mutnal, were joined by their extended family and DMH family in dedicating an endoscopy suite in Dr. Mutnal’s honor as a tribute “to his lasting legacy to his patients and the Perry community.”

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