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Review: ‘The Nut Job’ does not start 2014 off well for animation

2014-02-07-the-nut-job-movie-posterThe year’ss first animated release, “The Nut Job,” is from fledging studios Toonbox Entertainment in Canada and Red Rover International in South Korea. Based on its trailers, you’d think this would be an animated version of “Ocean’s 11,” only with the furry citizens of a city park rather than a bunch of human grifters. And I think that was their goal.

But the end result, whose January release date did not offer good tidings, tries to do too many things with too many characters to keep enough focus on any one aspect of the story long enough to excel.

Coupled with animation that simply doesn’t stack up compared to the larger studios, and we have a release overshadowed by the box office longevity of Disney’s “Frozen” and about to be supplanted this weekend by “The Lego Movie.”

“The Nut Job” has an interesting premise, but doesn’t live up to its potential. It will probably entertain younger audiences, but for your money, there are better options out there.

The movie is rated PG for mild action and rude humor.


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