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Review: ‘The Lego Movie’ built with good jokes, engaging story

2014-02-07-The-Lego-Movie-movie-poster“The Lego Movie” is a legitimately good time and the most genuinely funny animated film I’ve seen in years.

What could have easily been simply a 100-minute commercial for the overpriced building blocks is instead a fun, action-packed and emotionally satisfying 100-minute commercial.

Having mined its way through most of the the cartoons and television series of our collective childhoods, Hollywood has been turning its attention to our toys. “Battleship” is a prime example of taking a toy without a built-in storyline and turning it into an overproduced mess.

The creators of “The Lego Movie,” who were also the ones behind another adaptation, “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs,” clearly remember why Legos have been a staple of children’s rooms everywhere, building on not only the implied story potentials of the Lego universe, but also on the way we interact with the toy itself. There’s more to the story than first meets the eye, but I can’t really get into that without spoiling some clever twists, so suffice it to say, this is one of the better family movies I’ve seen in some time.

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