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Review: Visit ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ for a whimsical, emotional ride

2014-04-04-The-Grand-Budapest-Hotel-movie-posterIn his latest film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” director Wes Anderson gives us a story set in a fictional hotel within a fictional European country on the cusp of war, a place filled with over-the-top characters living over-the-top lives that are nonetheless entirely relatable and demanding of our attention. It is a story that is often hilarious, occasionally tragic, and entirely compelling. And 100 percent Wes Anderson.

As funny as the film is, Anderson is not afraid to deliver an occasional emotional gut punch, making the overall story as powerful as it is whimsical.

My only real disappointment with the film is its spring release date, almost guaranteeing it will be forgotten when nominations begin at the end of the year. Anderson has garnered three Oscar nominations, including two for writing and one for animated film. He is deserving of more accolades, as are many of his collaborators on this film, especially Fiennes. Only time will tell on the awards, but for now, the film is in theaters, and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is well worth a visit.

The film is rated R for language, some sexual content and violence.

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