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Hagan: A news man to the end


Armed with his trusty microphone, there wasn’t a news story Harry Hagan wouldn’t chase.

He may have started his career with big-time brands like NBC, but Hagan came to love most his days as the “Pop” in the Mom & Pop operation of Perry’s WPRY radio.

“It was a family affair. Dad did sales and news, Mom and I were deejays… it really was a family-run radio station,” Hagan’s daughter, Diane Hagan Scherff remembered.

As the news of her father’s April 19 death spread, Scherff said she was most surprised by the people who sent messages of sympathy, messages that more often than not included stories of working for her dad at the radio station.

PHOTO: From the rooftop of the Taylor County Courthouse entrance, WPRY’s broadcast team for a Florida Forest Festival parade included, from left: Cathy, Diane and Harry Hagan.

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