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Iron Man


By ANGELA M. CASTELUCCI / Staff writer

Taking the lead comes naturally to Sam Agner.

In his high school days, he set the standard on the football field and at the track. He was not only a team player, but a team leader.

Sports, and the coaches who got the best out of their players by expecting only the best from them, helped shape him into the man he would become, he says.

PHOTO: Sammy Agner served 16 years on the Taylor County School Board. The U.S. Army veteran has been power lifting for more than two decades and has long welcomed local student athletes at his “Barn Yard Gym.” Many of the students scrawled personal messages on the support beams and rafters of the former horse stable. Agner and his family recently expanded the gym to a larger “barn” and have branched out to include a CrossFit workout program.

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