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BREAKING: Deputy Lundy cleared by grand jury

For Immediate Release:
May 20, 2014

PERRY, Fla. – The Florida Department of Law Enforcement Tallahassee Regional Operations Center completed its investigation into the use of force involving Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Lundy and suspect Earl Edward Clague Jr.  The investigation shows Deputy Lundy’s actions saved lives on Feb. 5 when Mr. Clague Jr. crashed a vehicle into the Timberland Ford dealership, exited the vehicle and began shooting.

“Deputy Lundy is a hero,” said Taylor County Sheriff L.E. “Bummy” Williams.  “He used his training and did everything right in this situation. I am proud of his courageousness and commitment to the citizens of Taylor County.”

As is standard procedure for all law enforcement use of force investigations involving death in the Third Judicial Circuit, Deputy Lundy’s case was taken before a grand jury on May 5, 2014.  The 21 member grand jury cleared Lundy of any wrong doing.

State Attorney Jeff Siegmeister added, “I concur completely with the report findings of the Taylor County Grand Jury.  Deputy Lundy should be commended for his bravery and heroism. He clearly saved the lives of potentially multiple victims, while putting himself in harms’ way, suffering potentially life-threatening wounds in the process.  Based on my knowledge of the investigation, God was looking out for Deputy Lundy and the other victims.  As May is Law Enforcement Memorial Month, I hope everyone appreciates law enforcement and public safety officers for their sacrifices.  Taylor County should be very proud of one of their own, Deputy Lundy.”

The investigation shows that on Feb. 5, Deputy Lundy responded immediately and despite being critically wounded was able to shoot Mr. Clague Jr. preventing him from hurting additional civilians.   Mr. Clague Jr. died at the scene and two other civilians shot by Mr. Clague Jr. continue to recover from their injuries.

The investigation related to Mr. Clague’s actions remains active.

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