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Review: ‘22 Jump Street’ proves college is even funnier than high school

2014-06-20-22-Jump-Street-movie-posterComedy is terribly subjective, but if you enjoyed “21 Jump Street,” then its neighbor, “22 Jump Street” delivers much of the same, perhaps even a bit more.

You can break down a comedy, but in the end, the most important question is this: Did it make you laugh? In the case of “22 Jump Street,” the answer is a resounding yes. It made me laugh harder than any movie I’ve seen since at least “This Is The End” and possibly going all the way back to “21 Jump Street” itself. And perhaps the best part, it almost never relies on the gross out humor that plagued “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” a comedy that simply pales in comparison.

“22 Jump Street” will appeal to those who like their comedies with an adult disposition as well as those looking for two hours of nearly non-stop comedy. If you liked “21 Jump Street,” there is absolutely no reason to miss the sequel.

The film is rated R for language throughout, sexual content, drug material, brief nudity and some violence.

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