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Review: Warning: Watching ‘Chef’ could be very hazardous to your diet

2014-07-25-Chef-movie-posterDirector Jon Favreau is best known for directing the first two “Iron Man” films, as well as starring as Tony Stark’s chauffeur/bodyguard Happy Hogan in all three installments of the franchise. His latest movie, “Chef,” is a much different project, one which Favreau also wrote.

This feels like a passion project, and his enthusiasm flows into every aspect of the film, including the rest of the cast. The story may tie up its loose ends a bit too neatly, but that does little to sour the overall flavor of the film, which is just one of those movies destined to put a smile on your face and a rumble in your stomach. Of the limited release films I’ve seen this summer, it’s the first to forsake despair for hope, and is easily the best of the lot.

Favreau’s directorial career has leaned toward big budget projects, but if “Chef’ is any measure, he should try his hand at more of these, because he is quite good.

“Chef” has its flavors just right, with great performances and an engaging story told in a unique and quirky way that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

The film is rated R for language, including some suggestive references.

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