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Review: ‘Hercules’ combines ancient myth with summer popcorn enjoyment

2014-08-01-Hercules-movie-posterWe now have “Hercules,” the second film released this year about the mythic Greek hero, with Dwayne Johnson (“Fast Six”) in the title role.

The movie portends to tell the true story behind the legends of the mighty warrior demigod. Directed by Brett Ratner (“Rush Hours,” “X-Men: The Last Stand”), who has had a very mixed career behind the camera, “Hercules” is actually quite enjoyable, the kind of summer popcorn flick that doesn’t try to be anything more than what it is: a good time at the theater. It’s a little corny at times, but that’s actually part of its charm.

“Hercules” will not rank among my list of the top summer films of 2014, but it is one of the better popcorn flicks of the season, and as I’ve said before, sometimes it’s good to just sit back and have fun at the movies. “Hercules” provides plenty of fun.

The movie is rated PG-13 for epic battle sequences, violence, suggestive comments, brief strong language and partial nudity.

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